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Just Because It's Fall…

doesn’t mean the flower beds are empty.  Actually, I think my garden looks best in late summer and fall than any other time. My Callicarpa americana (aka Beautyberry) is full of berries.  This Arkansas native shrub grows well in my bed that receives full sun until around mid afternoon.  Birds will eat the berries but […]

Growing a Different Crop for Winter

Each year at this time, I clean up the garden. I gave up on growing food crops in the fall.  When the time changes, I leave the house in the dark and get home in the dark.  I don’t like to garden in the dark.  I can’t see in the dark.  But there are some […]

March Madness

For some people, March Madness means lots and lots of basketball.  For me, March Madness refers to lots and lots of garden chores. And as the temperatures begin to warm,  my mind races with everything  I want  to get done this month. I’ve been working feverishly in the greenhouse starting perennials, annuals and most recently tomatoes and peppers.  The broccoli seedlings are growing nicely.. […]