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Plentiful Pepper Plan–Part 3

As day turns into evening, we find the blonde gardener still in a plethora of peppers….. As I’m staring at all those pretty peppers, I remembered a recipe I wanted to try that called for roasted peppers and wondered if I could roast my own. “Of course you can,” my inner Julia Child encouraged. So that’s […]

I told my Garden it was Fall….

But it begged me to let it grow just a few more weeks. “Well,”  I said in my sensible mother voice, “the first frost is coming soon and I need to get you ready for winter.” “But look, I’m still growing tomatoes,”  it whispered. “And the okra is still blooming” As I looked around, I saw the […]

It's time for the fair!

I love county fair time.  Maybe it’s because the weather is getting cooler.  Maybe because the garden starts to perk up.  Most likely it’s because I love warm funnel cakes.  Or those juicy hamburgers from the Burger Barn.  And who doesn’t like to throw darts at balloons or ride the Tilt-A-Whirl? The fair has been a part of my […]


My great-grandmother was my caregiver when I was a baby.  When company would come, she would greet them with robust  ‘howdy!’  and a big hug.  She had a special way of making you feel welcome in her home.   So, not surprising, my first word was not ‘mama’ or ‘daddy’  but  ‘howdy’.  Although people don’t […]