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Just Because It's Fall…

doesn’t mean the flower beds are empty.  Actually, I think my garden looks best in late summer and fall than any other time. My Callicarpa americana (aka Beautyberry) is full of berries.  This Arkansas native shrub grows well in my bed that receives full sun until around mid afternoon.  Birds will eat the berries but […]

Catching Up

I am way behind on the happenings around the farm so hang on, we’ve got a lot to see. These little ladies are behaving for now. But come August they become the famous Naked Ladies ( Lycoris squamigera)  The foliage of this lily pops up in early spring, soaks up sunshine for a couple of months and then goes into hibernation until August.  Other […]

Do you see what I see?

Walking around the backyard, I was so excited to see these leaves on my spicebush (Lindera benzoin). A leaf with half of the leaf curled over.  Why does this excite me??? The spicebush caterpillars are here! In the early days of their lives, the spicebush caterpillar (or cat for short) is brown and looks like […]