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Seed GiveAway #2!

It’s time for the next seed giveaway! All of these seeds are annuals with some that are re-seeding. This is a first-come/ first-serve giveaway and I have a limited supply so please leave your request in the comments section below. These are the seeds I have available: Red Burgundy Okra (Heirloom)  Sorry–all gone!- Direct sow in […]

A New Year Begins

2013 has arrived cold and wet in Arkansas. Last night, we celebrated with a bottle and our sweet, little 3 week old grandson. A good time was had by all.  🙂 Being a grandma is THE BEST! ♥♥♥ A new year, though, brings plans for spring.  I can now concentrate on my reading material for […]

A Seed with History

Every fall I become this hoarder of seeds, a crazy woman yielding pruners and brown paper sacks wherever I go.  No yard is safe from the crazy seed lady.  I am unable to stop myself.  I must have more seeds, I chant with eyes glazed. This is especially true when milkweed (Asclepias sp.) is involved. Milkweed is one of […]

I'm Curious About Winter

As our nights become colder, I begin to wonder what kind of winter we will have this year.  I don’t have my almanac yet so I do the next best thing.  I go out and pick persimmons. ???? The seeds of persimmon fruit have predicted weather for generations. ???? Really. One might wonder, with all […]