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Attracting Swallowtail Butterflies

Last fall, I showed you a glimpse of the monarch butterflies life cycle. I also want to show you another caterpillar I had in my flowerbeds. The spicebush swallowtail butterfly will lay its eggs on a spicebush tree (Lindera benzoin) or sassafras tree. I have 4 spicebush in various flowerbeds and this seems to be their favorite […]

Monarch Butterfly Update

Monarch season is over for the year. You watched the baby caterpillars grow and make their chrysalis to start another generation of monarchs. This year, I was able to tag 50 monarchs.  As we speak, volunteers in El Rosario, Mexico have begun the long process of collecting tagged butterflies.  Of the millions that are there, I […]

We had a Baby

Congratulations!  We had our first monarch baby of the year! When I looked in on the chrysalis yesterday morning, I noticed this When the monarch is ready to be born, the chrysalis will turn transparent and details of the wings become visible. I took the chrysalis to work and placed it in a window with indirect […]

From Caterpillar to Chrysalis

From the time the Monarch caterpillar lays its egg on a milkweed leaf and grows to become a butterfly is approximately one month. After the egg hatches, the caterpillar (or cat for short) becomes an eating machine.  Starting out as barely visible, the cat grows and grows and grows and grows When the cat has completed its cycle […]