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Plants to Consider for Your Garden

I hate to even complain about the snow and ice we’ve gotten this week.  It is nothing compared to my friend and fellow blogger, Michele at The Salem Garden, who has had to deal with 87 inches of snow fall since Jan. 23! It’s been extremely cold, too, making chores not so fun. My grandson stayed with me […]

We had a Baby

Congratulations!  We had our first monarch baby of the year! When I looked in on the chrysalis yesterday morning, I noticed this When the monarch is ready to be born, the chrysalis will turn transparent and details of the wings become visible. I took the chrysalis to work and placed it in a window with indirect […]

From Caterpillar to Chrysalis

From the time the Monarch caterpillar lays its egg on a milkweed leaf and grows to become a butterfly is approximately one month. After the egg hatches, the caterpillar (or cat for short) becomes an eating machine.  Starting out as barely visible, the cat grows and grows and grows and grows When the cat has completed its cycle […]

How to be a Butterfly Wrangler

Many years ago, I decided to get involved with the Monarch Watch Program based at the University of Kansas. This program is dedicated to Monarch research and encourages volunteers from all over the United States to become citizen scientists. Since I had already planted milkweed in my garden, the next step was registering my garden […]

The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly

Most people don’t think about where butterflies come from. Or where there end up for that matter. We enjoy their presence and beauty and then go about our day. The Monarch butterfly has a very interesting, albeit, short life. The migration pattern is considered one of nature’s greatest wonders. Monarchs are the only butterflies that will […]

Chicken Coop Update and Some Other Stuff

I just realized I haven’t done a chicken coop update in a while. There are some changes coming to the coop, but I wanted to show you how the roof is coming along. Let’s travel back in time to late winter when the coop was being built. I planted the roof in April And here it is […]