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Bee Update

I can’t remember if I told you or not, but last fall I had bees from one of my hives leave.  Before we had left on vacation, both hives were doing well.  I had inspected them a few days before we were to leave and both hives had a good amount of honey stored up.  When we returned though, […]

Winter and Bees

In the winter, bees cluster together in the hive, at their food source, to keep warm.  The cluster is very tight and their food supply is hopefully enough left by the beekeeper to last them through the winter.   Therefore, only essential bees get to stay for winter. Drone bees (males) are only needed for mating with a virgin queen in […]

A Visit to the Hive

When I received my bees a week ago, the bee man told me to check the hives in one week to see how they were doing. My bee hives have 10 frames each.  My starter hive came with 5 frames filled with brood (eggs, larvae, and pupae in different stages of development) and 5 empty frames.  […]

Bee ready to Bee amazed

I just completed my first beekeeping class. How many people do you think would attend a beekeeping class? My boss said 5. My husband said 10. I was expecting around 20-25. Imagine my surprise when I walked into the room and saw this. At least 150 people showed up to learn about bees! I knew bees […]