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Shhh…I've got gold….

When someone mentions gold, you might think of the bright, shiny pretties you wear on your fingers.  Or what Todd and the boys from Gold Rush dig up.  Or an Olympic Medal.  Or flour (Gold Medal).  But, between you and me,  I have gold right here at my house.  Gardener’s Gold. My gold is black.  It is very light […]

Cat (and Dog) Days of Summer

Cat (and Dog) Days of Summer When it’s 105 degrees, the only thing I’m doin’ in the garden is sweatin’. We did manage to get a rain shower yesterday mornin’ and I was able to get a picture of my rain barrel in action.  So thankful for the rain! I like to walk around my gardens in […]

A Story about Arkansas

Once upon a time, there was a little state called Arkansas.  He was a beautiful state with rolling hills to the north and the Delta to the south. One day, the little state decided he needed a change.   So, without asking anyone, he decided to become Arizona.  “From from this day forward I will be hot and dry,” […]