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I keep forgetting to show you pictures of my birthday party! As I’ve told you, for my 50th birthday , I wanted to do something memorable. When my sisters asked what I was going to do, I jokingly told them I wanted to do the zipline through the Buffalo National River forest. Jokingly, because I […]

Summertime Recipes

As we prepare for a week of R&R at the lake, I’m digging up some of my favorite go to recipes and wanted to share them with you. This year, the whole family (8 total) will go with us and since we only eat one big meal a day, my only stipulation is I’m not cooking every night.  Thank […]

A New Year Begins

2013 has arrived cold and wet in Arkansas. Last night, we celebrated with a bottle and our sweet, little 3 week old grandson. A good time was had by all.  🙂 Being a grandma is THE BEST! ♥♥♥ A new year, though, brings plans for spring.  I can now concentrate on my reading material for […]

Growing a Family

I’ve grown a lot of things in my lifetime, but the most important thing I’ve grown is a family.  I’m not sure when it happened but all of a sudden my boys are grown up and having kids of their own.   Now that I’m a grandma, I am enjoying a  whole new role in the family […]

Dirt Therapy

One day we are motorcycling around  New Mexico, and the next day we are rushing back to be with a parent in time of need. Life can really change on a dime. It was rainy and dreary the first few days we were sitting in ICU.  It hadn’t rained much all summer, so people were happy and excited for […]