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Beware the Urge to Plant

The days are getting longer and warmer. The grass is getting greener and the ground is warming up. And I’m ready to play in the dirt and plant my garden! While it’s ok to plant cold season crops like broccoli, lettuce, and spinach now, it’s still too cold to plant tomatoes and peppers in the […]

My Garden Helper This Weekend

I was so lucky to have some help in the garden this weekend. Someone to help me check the sweet potatoes and the new bed of squash and corn. Someone to check the railroad tie that separates these beds. Where else could we do our ‘matchsticks stemnasticks’ (Fantastic Gymnastics)

I told my Garden it was Fall….

But it begged me to let it grow just a few more weeks. “Well,”  I said in my sensible mother voice, “the first frost is coming soon and I need to get you ready for winter.” “But look, I’m still growing tomatoes,”  it whispered. “And the okra is still blooming” As I looked around, I saw the […]