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How to Start Tomatoes from Seed

Cherokee purple is an heirloom tomato that is easy to grow and one of my favorites! https://naturalstateflowerfarm.com/2017/10/15/storing-green-tomatoes/ https://naturalstateflowerfarm.com/2018/03/11/how-to-start-tomatoes-from-seed/

Growing tomatoes from seed is a great way to try new varieties. It’s easy, too!

♫ ♩ By the light, of the…

I told my Facebook friends yesterday that I was getting my garden planted yesterday.   Whether it be by headlights, flashlight or moonlight, those plants and seeds were going in the ground. See all these plants? Back in January, I thought I would plant a few seeds in my little greenhouse.  Guess what?  They all sprouted. […]