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A New Species of Catbird?

I have always tried to make my gardens wildlife friendly. By wildlife, I mean bees, butterflies and birds. When I saw this tail between the fork of a tree, I thought, at first, I had raccoon visiting. Upon further investigation, I discovered it was just Magnum P.I., working on a case, undercover, as a Catbird. […]

There are Good Guys..

and there are Bad Guys in the garden. These Guys have been spotted on the potatoes. They are potato beetles They are the Bad Guys.  They can devour a crop of potatoes very quickly if left unchecked. These have also been spotted in the garden. They are Lady Bugs. They are Good Guys.  They devour the Bad […]

Hummers and Bummers

The Good News:  Hot weather brings hummingbirds! Not to sound like Cliff Clavin but did you know that a hummingbird’s heart beats up to 1,260 times per minute? That it weighs as much as a penny?  That they also eat small bugs? It’s also a little known fact that a hummingbird will visit an average of 1,000 […]