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Sights of Summer

Another summer is winding down. My awesome peach crop was eaten but not by us.  We were able to pick quite a few but something ate the rest (probably birds and squirrels) leaving us these reminders that we are not the only ones on the farm that like peaches. Both pecan trees have pecans this […]

Do you see what I see?

Walking around the backyard, I was so excited to see these leaves on my spicebush (Lindera benzoin). A leaf with half of the leaf curled over.  Why does this excite me??? The spicebush caterpillars are here! In the early days of their lives, the spicebush caterpillar (or cat for short) is brown and looks like […]

Cat (and Dog) Days of Summer

Cat (and Dog) Days of Summer When it’s 105 degrees, the only thing I’m doin’ in the garden is sweatin’. We did manage to get a rain shower yesterday mornin’ and I was able to get a picture of my rain barrel in action.  So thankful for the rain! I like to walk around my gardens in […]