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Minding My Own Beeswax

Making honey is no small feat for a bee.  Foraging bees must first visit many flowers to collect nectar.  Then, it is brought to the hive where a worker bee takes the nectar and places it in one of the openings in the specially … Continue reading

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Bee Update

I haven’t posted much on the bees this summer, but I’m glad to report that all is well. I started the spring with one very strong hive.  This was one of the original hives I started with three years ago.  … Continue reading

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I Need An Intervention

Since we last talked, I have acquired 2 more swarms.  Someone gave my name to Animal Control Services in a nearby town and they called one afternoon with a swarm of bees in a stack of pallets.   Dad and … Continue reading

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Making of a Queen

So how do bees make a queen? In my last post, I talked about splitting my big hive to make a smaller hive.  When I did the split, I left the queen in the big hive and now need the bees … Continue reading

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Bee Stuff

The warm(ish) winter and spring have really jump started the bee hives. I went into winter with 2 hives.  Both hives had ample honey stores and were strong going into winter but one didn’t survive.  I’m not sure why.  Many experienced … Continue reading

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My First Swarm

For my area, bees begin to swarm around the first of April. Swarming is a natural phenomenon in which approximately 60% of the bees, plus the queen, leave the hive to form a new colony.  This happens mostly in part … Continue reading

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Dear Journal

Dear Journal, It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’m not sure why I’ve not written because things have happened.  I have been busy.  My life is busy.   I haven’t had a chance to put anything in words.  Allen and I are … Continue reading

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