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Spring Has Sprung

Spring is Happening in the Ozark Mountains Continue reading

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The Gardens at Moss Mountain

As one would expect from P. Allen Smith’s  Moss Mountain Farm, his gardens were absolutely incredible.  Mr. Smith led the garden tour and I’m sure he was telling everyone about all the different species and wonderful tidbits about each plant. … Continue reading

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Small Town USA–Part Two

The next day of our trip found us in Hardy, AR. Hardy sits next to the Spring River and was established as a result of booming railroad construction in the late 1880’s. Now with a population of less than 800, … Continue reading

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What’s Happening in the Garden?

I have no idea. We’ve been extremely busy with other events going on in our lives and my garden has been put at the bottom of the list. My 50th birthday was in March, and my family celebrated with me by … Continue reading

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Garden Happenings

Despite the cooler weather, the garden is beginning to grow. The lettuce and broccoli are loving the cooler temps, but the tomatoes and peppers are wishing for more heat. I’ve been trying to use companion plants to keep bugs at … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, While the Snow Melts….

I’ll grab my blanket and hot chocolate and tell you about another interesting landmark in Arkansas. First of all, several well-known entrepreneurs have emerged from the Northwest Arkansas area.  We are known as the home and headquarters of Wal-Mart (founded in 1962), Tyson’s Foods … Continue reading

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Oark General Store and Cafe

You know by now that finding out of the way spots to eat becomes #1 priority when we travel. When we started travelling by motorcycle, we knew that interstates or major highways were out.  Why would we travel on such a … Continue reading

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