Frontier Fun

The next day, we said goodbye to Monument Valley and drove north on Hwy 163. Our destination for the evening was Cortez, CO. For us, though, it’s really not about getting from here to there.  It’s what you find along the way that makes the trip memorable. One of the towns we went through was […]

Goulding's Lodge of Monument Valley

The history of Goulding’s Lodge began with love, a dream, determination, and a bedroll. It started in 1923 when a sheep inspector named Harry Goulding married a young girl named Leone.  When they first met he joked that he couldn’t spell Leone but he could spell Mike, so he nicknamed her “Mike”.  The name stuck with […]

Monument Valley

We left Bryce Canyon the same way we came inbut staying on highway 89.  This took us through Glen Canyon and over Lake Powell.  We had been on the motorcycle for a couple of hours and it was very hot,  so we stopped at the Dam Visitor Center to take advantage of the Dam air […]

Bryce Canyon

When we entered Bryce Canyon, the sky had finally cleared.  But, as you can see, clouds are looming in the distance. As we drove through the canyon, the rain came and went and came and went.  Clear around one corner, drizzling the next.   Not enough to dampen our spirits, but just enough to be irritating. It’s […]

Highway to Bryce Canyon

I was posting about our fall motorcycle trip out west when the holidays took over.  We had a busy, frantic, yet fun holiday season and, as always, when it’s over I’m glad to get back in the regular routine of things. Last we spoke we were in the Grand Canyon so I will pick up the story from there. We left […]

Onward and Westward

After leaving the trading post, we continued our journey west on Hwy 264 through Keams Canyon. A small pull out was all we needed to stop, stretch our legs and enjoy the gorgeous view. Once again, we turned our backs for a minute only to turn around and see this.  Seriously, Jimmy you don’t know what this […]

Day 3-On Our Way to the Grand Canyon

About an hour north on Highway 491 from Gallup, NM and west on Highway 264 is  the small town of Ganado, AZ. Ganado is the home of a very old, very historic trading post. The Hubbell Trading Post was established in 1878 by a man named John Lorenzo Hubbell and is the oldest continuously operated trading post […]