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Seed GiveAway #2!

It’s time for the next seed giveaway! All of these seeds are annuals with some that are re-seeding. This is a first-come/ first-serve giveaway and I have a limited supply so please leave your request in the comments section below. These are the seeds I have available: Red Burgundy Okra (Heirloom)  Sorry–all gone!- Direct sow in […]

Mixed Emotions

As of today, there are 50 days until spring.  This makes me happy. As of today, there are 50 days until my 50th birthday.  This makes me____. Sad?  Not really.  Glad?  Not really.  If you say old, I will cry.  If you say young, I shall hug you. I’m just not sure how to process this […]

A Work in Progress

A few weeks ago, I decided to have a garden shed/chicken coop built. I’ve always wanted a few chickens And some extra space for miscellaneous garden stuff I’m really excited about the roof, though The lower roof will be a living roof!  Will keep you posted on the progress. 67 days till spring! Brenda P.S. […]

How much mulch is too much mulch?

Does this bother anyone else but me? Mulch volcanos. They’re everywhere. Are they really necessary? This much? Don’t get me wrong.   I am a big fan of mulch. To me, a flower bed without mulch is like uncombed hair or a badly wrinkled shirt.  It’s still my flower bed, it just looks unkept. But this?? This […]

Our Visitors This Weekend

We had some interesting visitors this weekend. Our neighbor’s pet deer, Rambo, was at my door bright and early. A very fat squirrel came by to eat some corn. and a pileated woodpecker came to check out the bird feeders. Sheldon gray kitty Cooper was not impressed. Neither was Magnum P.I. Have a great day! […]

Cooking for the Birds

I  just hate it when I have the urge to cook and the cupboards are bare.  I had no eggs, no sugar, and very little flour which pretty much limited my cooking extravaganza. New Years day started out dreary and cold, rain beginning mid morning and even turning to snow by the afternoon.  There was no way I was leaving […]

The Quilts are Done!

And just in time. I was trimming and washing them all on Christmas Eve Eve. They were just so darn cute, they didn’t look that hard to make, and I just knew I could get three done in a month. My famous last words. But I did and now that they have been given, I can show them […]