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A Good Time To Look Back

My preparations for New Years Eve included a trip to the library for books, rushing home to  put on my flannel pj’s, and crawling into bed at 7:30.  As I checked my emails, I noticed that WordPress had sent me a summary of my top posts for 2014. I found it interesting that  the most […]

Chicken Coop Update

My little chicken coop has undergone some change since last year. The living roof is filling in nicely with a variety of sedums On the front and side of the coop I planted amsonia hubrechtii (Arkansas blue star), ornamental millet, old-fashioned petunias, celosia, wild bergamot (bee balm)  and sunflowers. I found an old enamel table top at […]

Mad As An Old Wet Hen

That’s the phrase my grandmother used all the time to describe one of her sisters.  I’m not kidding when I say that every story she told about my great-aunt ended with this phrase.  She obviously had quite a temper and, although I never witnessed one of those tantrums, I treaded lightly around her. That’s how I […]


I have a framed saying from years ago when Al started fishing. It says:  Waiting for the fish takes patience but waiting for the fisherman takes more patience I’m not refuting that statement because I have fished with this man before.   Casting, reeling, trolling, casting, reeling, trolling.  Hour after hour after hour Sometimes catching a fish sometimes […]

I Did a Dessie

My great grandmother’s name was Dessie. She traveled from Tennessee on a wagon train.  When she was very young, her mother died along the way and was buried somewhere in Oklahoma territory.  She never knew where. She met my great -grandfather in Oklahoma, married at the age of 15, and moved to Boxley Valley along the Buffalo […]

Back on Track

May has a way of slipping by me. But the garden is planted and growing quickly. The chickens will be leaving tomorrow (they are 9 weeks old already!) The bees are buzzing along.  I added another body a few weeks ago but I’ve not been able to check them due to the rainy weather. My […]

A Visit to the Hive

When I received my bees a week ago, the bee man told me to check the hives in one week to see how they were doing. My bee hives have 10 frames each.  My starter hive came with 5 frames filled with brood (eggs, larvae, and pupae in different stages of development) and 5 empty frames.  […]

The Chicken Experience

Just wanted to update you on my Cornish cross meat chicken project.   They are just a little over 3 weeks old and are developing feathers on their wings and tail. When I picked up these chicks at the hardware store, I also had a weak moment and bought 3 brown speckled Sussex chicks.  The Sussex chicks […]

To Bee or Not To Bee

Is no longer the question. I picked up my bees yesterday afternoon at the Bee Farm. Did I wear my beesuit? No. There were two trucks ahead of me and people were getting stung right and left. Yikes. Then it’s my turn.  I backed up the truck and reluctantly got out.  I am wearing a […]

What in the World is a Chicken Tractor

Those were my Dad’s exact words when I told him how I was going to raise my meat chickens. When I showed him some pictures of different “models”, he said, “Well, I probably have all the stuff to make one.” “You’re hired!” And that’s how I roped him into helping me. First of all, we […]