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And Then There Were 4

The wait is over! Joshua was officially adopted and a member of our family. As part of the adoption process, they will have a guide and a couple of other adoptive families that they will hang out with until the end of the month.  Keep checking her blog for their new adventures. So excited […]

An Exciting Way to Become a Father

My brother-in-law will become a father again today. He became a first time father 3 1/2 years ago when they adopted their son from China. Today, he will become a father again as they adopt another son from China.  I can not even begin to tell you the story of their journey, but my sister […]

Back on Track

May has a way of slipping by me. But the garden is planted and growing quickly. The chickens will be leaving tomorrow (they are 9 weeks old already!) The bees are buzzing along.  I added another body a few weeks ago but I’ve not been able to check them due to the rainy weather. My […]

You Don't Have To Plant A Garden To Eat Home Grown Food

I can’t imagine a summer without a garden. Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and lettuce just a few steps from my door.  And, even though every year it seems I am fighting either the weather or some bug or critter (usually all three),  it’s something I love to do. Many people get very enthusiastic about gardening in […]

I Did It Again

I started another project. Before you all start googling “therapy for addicted gardeners”, or “rehab facilities for crazy gardeners”, I have to tell you this is not about gardening. Or animals. Or sewing. Or cooking. Last month, Al and I bought a house.  We had been looking for just “the right” house for an investment property.  […]

It's Time for a Meet and Greet

When you scramble your eggs in the morning, do you ever think about where they came from?  Do you wonder where those chickens live?  Are they happy?  Are they healthy? I recently read an article that stated only one-third of children know where their food comes from.  Amazingly, the same article stated only one-third of adults know […]

Sunday Snow Day

It’s one of those days where I’m pretty sure I won’t be changing out of my pajamas. The birds are the star of the show today. Lots of activity at the feeders Suet is always a favorite The heated birdbath is always popular I’m sure these goldfinches are wishing for spring like me I would like to […]

Out With The Old

When we built our house years ago, I planted ‘Goldflame’ Spirea in the front beds. 15 years later, those Spirea have seen better days.    A few late freezes, an extreme ice storm, and brutal hot, dry summers have wreaked havoc on their old limbs.  Many had dead centers, a couple were completely dead and the rest were just pitiful. Thus […]

Christmas with the Kranks

Have you read this book or seen the movie? When the daughter decided she would not come home for Christmas, the Kranks decide to skip Christmas and go on a cruise.  Then, when she surprises them with the announcement that she is coming home, the frantically decorate and make the house look like the Christmas she would […]

Snow Day = Sew Day

I became crafty at a very young age. When my baby sister was born, I was 6 years old.  I wanted to make her something very special, so I dug through my mom’s fabric stash and found some material.  I took one of her little dresses and laid it on top of the material and […]