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Santa Baby

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Or the movie Frozen. After 8 days of this mess, my driveway still looks like this. The chickens are not sure what to think about all this white stuff. This is their first major snow and they are not about to come out of that coop.  […]

How I Prepare For A Snow or Ice Storm

First of all, I go to the library. I am a bookworm and cannot go without reading material.  JoAnne Fluke is a mystery/suspense author.  The Murder She Baked series are light, non suspenseful novels which include a number of recipes.  I usually read Christmas related books this time of year, so this one fit the […]

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We celebrated with 3 different gatherings, 3 big meals, over a 3 day period.  Lots of cooking, lots of visiting and lots of leftovers. Our first Thanksgiving was held at my youngest son’s new house 2 hours away.  They had just moved 5 days earlier and I told […]

Fun, Creepy and Somewhat Disgusting Halloween Recipes

For years, I have made creepy Halloween treats.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I never thought to photograph them, but I did find some pictures online.  Have fun with these! Witches Fingers 11 oz. tube refrigerated breadstick dough 1/4 c. butter, melted 2 Tbs. cinnamon sugar 1 large egg, slightly beaten almonds-sliced, natural […]

Summer Harvest Recipes

I spent Labor Day weekend cooking, canning, freezing and pickling.  In other words, I took the holiday literally. To use my grandmother’s phrase, I cooked up a storm! I found some different recipes from my mom’s collection that I tried and wanted to share.  I don’t remember her ever making these but she was, as I […]

What to do with All Those Cherry Tomatoes

I usually just plant 2 cherry tomato plants in my garden.  These 2 plants give me plenty of tomatoes to eat all summer long. My cherry tomato of choice is an heirloom variety called Mexican Midget. These plants can get up to 6 feet tall and usually produce tomatoes well into the fall.  They laugh in […]

Southern Comfort

In the garden, the okra is being a little slow about producing. This year, I have grown my favorite ‘Red Burgundy’ and an okra classic ‘Clemson Spineless’ There are many ways to eat okra.  My daughter in law loves it pickled.  Our Louisiana friends throw it in the gumbo pot.  I’ve recently seen it cooked on […]

Summertime Recipes

As we prepare for a week of R&R at the lake, I’m digging up some of my favorite go to recipes and wanted to share them with you. This year, the whole family (8 total) will go with us and since we only eat one big meal a day, my only stipulation is I’m not cooking every night.  Thank […]

I made a Cake

With the weather being cold, I love spending time in the kitchen trying recipes. I’ve been waiting for such weather to try this one particular cake. The cake is called White Godiva Martini Cake and the recipe can be found at The recipe itself was intimidating to me.  One whole page of ingredients and instructions.  Three different recipes […]

Cooking for the Birds

I  just hate it when I have the urge to cook and the cupboards are bare.  I had no eggs, no sugar, and very little flour which pretty much limited my cooking extravaganza. New Years day started out dreary and cold, rain beginning mid morning and even turning to snow by the afternoon.  There was no way I was leaving […]