Cow tested

The last post was all about plants, so today equal time will be given for the animals around the farm.
The chickens are growing very fast.

chickens 5 weeks old

Cornish cross 5 weeks old

They were moved to their chicken tractor last week and seem to be enjoying the change of scenery.  The day I moved them though, caused the cow council to hold an emergency meeting.
cows/ chicken tractor
cows chicken tractor
cows chicken tractor
After an hour or so, they unanimously voted to let them stay.
cow and chicken tractor
After all, chicken tractors make a great scratching post.
cow chicken tractor
cow chicken tractor
This is why the chicken tractor had to have some weight to it!
The bluebirds are getting bigger.  There are 5 babies in the house and I suspect they will be learning to fly very soon.  It’s getting very crowded in there.
baby bluebirds
Remember the 93 swallowtail chrysalis I had in my aquarium?
swallowtail chrysalis
Almost all have emerged and my granddaughter helped acclimate them to the sunny, spring day.
The woodpeckers have been working overtime.  How do they make those perfect circles?
And lastly, I just have to share these pictures of an old homestead close to our house.  There were so many old iris blooming, I just stopped in the middle of the highway and took some quick pics.
old house and lilies
old house and iris2
Have a great week!

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0 Responses to Cow tested

  1. bittster says:

    The butterflies are beautiful. Nice job raising them!
    I don’t know how you manage to make things so funny around there! Cow councils and chicken tractors, reminds me of the armadillo in the filter inlet, lol.
    When I see a completely run down home I always wonder what the story is. Did one year of waiting to see who moves in or one year of wait till we fix the roof turn into 30 years? The iris seem to not mind 🙂

    • oh yes, the armadillo. I do hope he has moved away.
      I always wonder about those homes, too. It’s sad. I can just imagine my grandmother sitting on the porch looking at those iris. She would’ve loved it.

  2. Too funny about the cow council. Wonder why they were so curious about chickens?

  3. Hope the cows don’t break your chicken tractor! :-\

  4. I don’t think I knew you had cows! They are so curious. That old homestead is worth a few more pictures. 😉 Lovely post!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cows are such sweet animals, anyway, the ones I’ve met have been very nice and friendly. I’m glad they let your chickens stay. The cow council probably decided that the chickens that the chickens would supply a lot of entertainment! What a cool old homestead.

  6. Mags Corner says:

    What a beautiful place you have. Everything looks great and all the animals look so content and enjoying all you have provided for them. The butterflies are gorgeous! Hugs!

  7. Arkansas summers are the best! Love pictures of old homesteads. I encountered quite a few this week and took lots of pictures! Arkansas is scattered with them!

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