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Whenever I comment on a great food I have eaten or complement a cool project someone has done, it’s usually followed by the phrase, “I got it off Pinterest”.
Pinterest is a great source for ideas and when my internal alarm clock goes off extra early, I find myself perusing the endless pictures of recipes and decorating ideas.  Through these sessions, I have created 59 boards of things I like and would like to do.
Many of our lake house ideas have come from Pinterest.  The corrugated metal shower and ceiling Allen and his brother constructed is one of my favorites.
lake house master bathroom lake house master bedroom
Along with the light fixture my dad made from a funnel.
lake house master bathroom
You can find ideas and tutorials on just about anything crafty, so when I found some ideas for garden décor, I was inspired to try a few.
Most of my projects turn out fine.  I like to incorporate simple accents throughout the garden to compliment the flowers which I see as the main focal point.
One project I used an old bed frame to border the back of my ornamental grasses.  flower bed with bed rail ornamental grass
It’s been painted a variety of colors over the years and was a super easy project.
This summer, on Pinterest, I saw where someone had made a flower from a kitchen whisk.
Looked easy enough.

from Pinterest
I was picturing in my mind what a whimsical accent this would be in a container planting.  So, I jumped in my car and headed straight for the dollar store.  I believe the price was $.97 so I bought one.
That gave me only one chance to make this work.  What they don’t tell you is how soft and bendable the wire is on these things.  Yet, once it’s bent, it is extremely hard to manipulate into another shape.
I should’ve bought two.
not bad, just sad
Overall, it wasn’t terrible.  Realistically though, it looked like a toddler had created it.  I still stuck it in a basket of dried hydrangea blooms and called it good.
Another project came to me as I was cleaning out the barn and found quite a bit of tie wire.  Tie wire is soft, easily cut, and used as a fastener.  I always keep some handy in case my chicken wire fences need to be reinforced.
I remember seeing another  Pinterest project that involved tie wire and a blow up beach ball.  You simply blow up a beach ball and wrap tie wire around the ball.  When you get your desired look, let the air out of the ball and voila, instant outdoor decor.
In my mind, I envisioned these balls decorated with solar lights hanging from the trees or sitting in my flower beds emitting a casual, relaxed glow.  It would be amazingly cute and talked about for decades.
Since it was summer, I just happen to have a beach ball handy and I quickly blew it up and began to work.  I could not get the beach ball nice and full to save my life.  I tried and tried to blow it up more but every time I tried to push the little plug back into the ball, more air would come out.  One step forward, two steps back kind of thing.
Maybe it was the tie wire.   The directions called for a specific gauge of wire but my original packaging was long gone.  The wire I had was very bendable and I could tell right away  this project was going south on a fast moving bus.
Optimistically, I continued.  Maybe it was one of those projects that would miraculously be perfect when I removed the beach ball.  As I carefully wrapped the wire around the not so full beach ball, I could tell this was not going to be the case.  My frustration increased as each and every wire wrap around the ball took on a hideous, distorted shape.
Realization set in and I knew in my heart this project was not going to turn out as I had expected.  So, with heavy heart, I let the air out of the beach ball to face the cold, hard truth.
It was then, that my frustration turned to laughter.  I laughed and laughed.  I walked away and when I returned, I laughed even more.  Never had a project turned out so bad and made me laugh so hard.
It made me think of the Sesame Street song, “One of these things is not like the other”
As bad as it was, I couldn’t make myself throw it out.
I decided to keep it in the barn, on the bench, so I can see it when I first walk in.
And every time, even months later,  it makes me laugh.  I’m also sure it will be talked about for decades-just not in the original way I had imagined.
Although some people (ok most) will see this as a Pinterest failure, I see it as a reminder to not take myself so seriously.  Don’t get me wrong, my pitiful garden globe will never see the outside of the barn.  It will, however, make me smile every time I see it.
And, for me, that is not a failure.
Happy Holidays!
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