Why Americans Should Be More Like Bees


I am a simple person, I am not a political person.  I never felt I was knowledgeable enough to debate any issues and I, for one, am glad the election is over. No one knows what is in store for our country but, for better or worse, the American people voted in a new president.  Tuesday, I cast my vote and now I am ready to move forward. One of our favorite sayings to our kids/grandkids is:  You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.   Simple concept to understand and for some reason seems appropriate for this election.
As I was looking in on my bees yesterday,  I couldn’t help think how similar the election process is to the dynamics of a beehive.
In the beehive, the queen bee is similar to a president.  She is the most important bee in a hive of many workers.  When the queen begins to decline, the workers of the hive instinctively begin the process of replacing her.  They work together to select the best eggs and feed and nurse those eggs until they are ready to emerge as queen. The first queen to emerge kills her competition (this is where we differ, thankfully).
bees 3/12/15
With the new queen victorious, the old queen and new queen go to battle.  The strongest queen wins and the hive accepts this outcome and continues to work together to make a stronger hive.
They realize that even though they may have a new leader, the common goal has not changed in the hive.
Agree or disagree with the election results, my only advice is to think like a bee.
Accept the outcome, work together, and be a productive citizen for this great country.
For my simple mind, this concept just makes good sense.
God Bless America and to all of our military, past and present, Happy Veterans Day.  Our country is great because of you.

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