The Gardens at Moss Mountain

As one would expect from P. Allen Smith’s  Moss Mountain Farm, his gardens were absolutely incredible.  Mr. Smith led the garden tour and I’m sure he was telling everyone about all the different species and wonderful tidbits about each plant.
P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm
Me?  I started out in the front of the line and somehow ended up being the last, lone straggler of the bunch.
But, as an avid gardener, I was not about to rush through this tour (even though it was 95 degrees).  Each way I looked, there was a different combination, structure or venue that caught my eye.

After you make your way through the vegetable garden, you enter a beautiful wedding venue surrounded by roses.
The flower gardens around the house have a natural backdrop of the Arkansas River.
After the garden tour, Mr. Smith led us to Poultryville.
Poultryville can be seen from the main house
P. Allen Smith's Moss Mountain Farm from Poultryville
and houses an extensive collection of heritage poultry.
The poultry houses were just as impressive as the poultry.
Once again, I found myself hanging back admiring the different breeds only to look up and see the rest of the tour yards away.
Not wanting to be labeled a chicken stalker, I quickly caught up with the group in time to see his famous daffodil hill.
In the spring, over 200,000 daffodils pop up in this meadow to welcome spring.  What a sight that must be!
I appreciate Mr. Smith hosting the Farm2Home event for bloggers and farmers and I hope to attend next year as well.  Maybe next time I can stay with the group and learn some gardening secrets to pass along.
Not making any promises, though.