Frontier Fun

The next day, we said goodbye to Monument Valley and drove north on Hwy 163.
IMG_0005 (2)-001
Our destination for the evening was Cortez, CO.
For us, though, it’s really not about getting from here to there.  It’s what you find along the way that makes the trip memorable.
One of the towns we went through was Mexican Hat.  So named because of this rock formation

We stopped to get some pictures and stretch our legs and came across this field of stacked rocks.
I can see the attraction and temptation to create your own masterpiece.   Purists call it ‘graffiti of the west’ but many people do this as an expression to their spiritual connection with the earth.
IMG_0019 (2)
Lots of faith in some little rocks
Either way, it was an interesting stop and gave us a chance to enjoy our surroundings (without rain!)
IMG_0018 (2)-001As we continued on, we stopped for gas in Bluff, UT.  The historic site of Bluff Fort was nearby so we thought we would check it out giving us another opportunity to stretch.
They had me at cookies
Bluff Fort was built by the Mormons and provides visitors with a glimpse of their life in the late 1880’s.
As we were roaming the grounds, a volunteer asked if we would like our picture taken in the covered wagon.
Sure!  It would be fun to have a group picture to remember the day.  “The only catch is,” she says, “we would like you to dress in period clothing.”  Not a big deal for Laurie and I, but not quite sure we can convince the guys.  So we talked up how rugged and handsome they would look in Mormon clothing and finally convinced them to join us.
The minute we put on the clothes, we transformed into wild west pioneers–with attitude.
Looks like they’ve been on the trail wayyyyy too long
This is one of the original wagons used to blaze the trail to Bluff, Utah.  More importantly, behind the wagon, against the building, is a gorgeous black hollyhock.  They were also full of seeds so, (with permission), I collected some to add to my growing collection.
Then we had a cookie and decided we’d better head ’em up and move ’em out.
Looks like rain, boys.