Monument Valley

We left Bryce Canyon the same way we came inIMG_0002 (2)but staying on highway 89.  This took us through Glen Canyon and over Lake Powell.  We had been on the motorcycle for a couple of hours and it was very hot,  so we stopped at the Dam Visitor Center to take advantage of the Dam air conditioning.

View from the Dam window
Glen Canyon Bridge
After our nice, long break, we crossed over the lake and drove to highway 98 which will take us to Kayenta, AZ.
IMG_0010 (2)IMG_0021
IMG_0012 IMG_0029
Can you see the house in the lower right hand corner?  This gives you some scale as to how big these mountains are.
And yes that’s rain ahead.
But we are getting closer to Monument Valley
and our destination of Goulding’s Lodge.
Each room of the lodge has a view and I spent much of my time just sitting and enjoying the transition and colors of the changing skyline.
It was breathtaking.