Highway to Bryce Canyon

I was posting about our fall motorcycle trip out west when the holidays took over.  We had a busy, frantic, yet fun holiday season and, as always, when it’s over I’m glad to get back in the regular routine of things.
Last we spoke we were in the Grand Canyon so I will pick up the story from there.
leaving the grand canyon
We left Cameron, AZ (which is on the east side of the Grand Canyon) and headed north on Hwy. 89.  From here, there are actually two highways that will get you to Bryce Canyon.  Hwy 89 and Hwy 89A.  Since we have to backtrack this way to reach Monument Valley, we will take both.
We chose to take Hwy 89A first.  This highway will take us to the Navajo Bridge over Marble Canyon.  The mountains along the way are breathtaking.
scenery in arizona
view from the navajo bridge
The original Navajo Bridge was completed in 1929.  Until then, the only way to cross the Colorado River was by ferry.
navajo bridgeAs cars and trucks became larger and heavier, a new bridge was built and completed in 1995.  The original bridge was left and is now used as a pedestrian bridge.  There is a visitor’s center next to the bridge for convenient parking.

photo from internet
From the bridge, you can see the Colorado River 470 feet below.  Do you see the raft?
view from the navajo bridge
at the navajo bridge
Hwy 89A runs parallel to the Vermillion Cliffs and it looks as if the Vermillion Cliffs are seeing some rain.  Better get on the rain gear.  Again.
view from the navajo bridge
vermillion cliffs hwy 89AFortunately, we missed the rain.  Barely.  Which is good because we came upon an jack-knifed truck that stopped traffic for almost an hour.  As we stood around waiting for the road to clear, we were able to visit with several people who were out of their vehicles walking around.  One couple in particular offered us shelter in their truck if the rains did happen.  They were on their way to Utah with a prototype bear-proof trash can he had invented to be tried out in the state parks.  Pretty cool.
When the traffic cleared, we continued through House Rock Valley until 89A ran into 89 in Utah.
hwy 89a hwy 89a hwy 89a
Our destination for the night was Bryce Canyon City, Utah right about where the rain clouds are in this picture.  sigh
hwy 89 utah
glad I kept my rain gear on
bryce canyon
Welcome to Bryce Canyon
As you can see, rain comes and goes quickly in the mountains
near bryce canyon utah near Bryce canyon
but we’re not out of the woods just yet…