Dear Journal

Dear Journal,
It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’m not sure why I’ve not written because things have happened.  I have been busy.  My life is busy.   I haven’t had a chance to put anything in words.  Allen and I are always talking about this and how our attempts to slow down never happen.  We don’t want to miss anything!
Speaking of which, we’ve taken two trips since last we talked and they were amazing.   I hope to tell you about them very soon.  One was out west on the motorcycle and the other to California to visit with family.  I have kept the grandkids quite a bit and this makes me very, very happy.  I realize how blessed I am when they are with me. I never knew this could make me so happy.  They are getting so big!
hallie and luke october 2015 amsonia hubrectii
As I write this, baby Luke (although he is almost 3) is taking a nap beside me.  I can tell he doesn’t feel good because he hasn’t wanted to go outside today and usually I can’t keep him inside.  He calls me Nana and when I suggest we do something, he tells me that’s a great idea.  Hallie started kindergarten this fall and I can’t believe how much she is changing.  She told her other grandmother she was training me to work on her farm.  Ha!  Little does she know she’s been training me since she was born.
I have worked outside when I can.  It’s been unusually warm and we have yet to have a freeze.  Dad and I harvested more honey in September before we left on our first trip.  45 more pounds!   That makes a grand total of 90 pounds this year.  Amazing creatures those bees.
bees and honey honey
Since we had so much, we decided to sell some so I told people on Facebook and within 6 hours we sold out.  Crazy.
The fall color at the house was a little late this year
october 2015
and the color at the lake house has been stunning.
lake house nov. 2015
Since we’ve not had a freeze yet, my flowers are still blooming.  The celosia is usually covered by bees
IMG_0011 and even though I’m ready to clean up the garden, I can’t bring myself to take away their food source.  It is scarce this time of year.   So, instead,  I’ve been collecting seed for next year

celosia and seed
celosia flowers and seed
rue seed
Rue seed
One unusual plant I have blooming now is the Toad Lily (Tricyrtis hirta)
toad lilyIt is in the shade for the most part and I always forget about until it blooms.  What an ugly name for a pretty flower.  I would’ve named it Star Lily but no one bothered to ask me.
coleus and begonia october
Coleus and begonia
It is so strange to see my coleus and begonias blooming this late.  I took cuttings of the coleus and then pulled them up.  Once these plants freeze, they turn into mush and I can hardly stand to touch them even with gloves on.
The garden has been cleaned up, garlic has been planted and mulched and the winter wheat is coming up nicely.
And lastly, when I saw this lone leaf one foggy morning,
lone leaf in fall
I couldn’t help but wonder.   Am I more like the leaf clinging to the tree?   Fighting nature, pushing the limits?  Or more like the winds that push the leaves to the ground?
Sometimes I wonder, journal.
Talk to you soon,