In January, I had surgery on my hand.  As I was recovering, I enjoyed reading other blogs and looking at information and ideas for our lake house renovation.
During this time, I found the website Hometalk.  Hometalk is like a Pinterest site with more of a ‘how-to’  feel to it.  Tons of projects are posted here (or with links to other sites) with detailed instructions on anything you want to know about.  You can “clip” these ideas to a board for future use or send a question to the person who wrote the article.  Questions I asked were promptly answered and I liked the personal feel of the site.
Since I had some extra time on my hands, (well at least one hand) I decided to post about our own renovation as well as some gardening posts.
So imagine my surprise and excitement when they featured my Gardening board in their newsletter.  They also sent me this pinnable graphic to share with you
hometalk pinnable graphic
I was also asked to give some gardening advice.  I feel a little strange giving gardening advice.  I am by no means an expert, nor do I hold any sort of horticulture degree to put me in the category of expert.  I am a graduate, though, of  UJDI or the University of Just Do It.  I can read for weeks about something but, unless I get out and try it myself, I don’t get the full effect of learning.  Getting my hands dirty for years is how I learned about gardening.
Anyway, the editor of Hometalk also featured some of my basic gardening advice on the blog site below.
Thank you Hometalk for sharing my blog.