A Break From Everything

Back in July, my job went from three days a week to five days a week (my choice).  I know people work five days a week all the time, but I haven’t in about twenty-five years.  I’m feeling it.
Needless to say, my garden looks pitiful.  I can’t even take a picture of it.  It’s that bad.
So I will just focus on vacation.
Every year, Al takes me for a motorcycle trip.  We’ve been to the Smoky Mountains, Rocky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Black Hills to name a few.  We have never been to the beach though.
Until now.
We arrived in Navarre, Florida Sunday.  After traveling through cloudy, cold weather and then cold rain, we were happy to arrive in a much warmer and sunnier climate.
Navarre is home to the Gulfs Longest Pier.
navarre pier
It measures 1545 ft. long and is 30 ft. above the water.  It is beautiful in every direction.
navarre navarre navarre navarre navarre
From the pier, we saw a dolphin swimming
navarre dolphin
and a very large sea turtle that swam away before I could snap a pic.
Here is a shot of the pier from the beach area we are at.
navarre pier
Our condo also has a private fishing pier
with its own collection of sea life.

navarre stingray
that looks like a stingray to me
navarre ocean jellyfish
navarre ocean jellyfish
jellyfish up close and personal
The pier for the condo does have rules and I love the last one.
Today the skies looked a little ominous.  But, dang it, we were at the beach for the first time in our lives and we were going to swim it.
navarre ocean allen
that’s my Al
navarre ocean navarre ocean IMG_0074
Tomorrow we are hoping to visit the National Aviation Museum to see the Blue Angels practice.
Fingers crossed for good weather!