August Blooms

I noticed summer fading at 8:15 last night.
coleus caladium
I remember when my boys were little and being thankful when the days were getting shorter.  This meant I could get them in the house a few minutes earlier, wash a days worth of dirt from their bodies, and get some food in them before ten o’clock.
My garden and flowers are winding down for the summer, too.
The rue has continued to surprise me this year.
rue flower
This is its second year with me and has grown to a height of two feet.  I will save the seeds and see what happens next year.

rue seed pod
Rue seed pod
The plumed celosia I save every year from seed is just now blooming.  A little late but I’ll take it.
celosia celosia
I can always count on my old-fashioned petunias to pull through no matter what summer brings.  They are very fragrant in the evening, so just follow your nose and you will find them.
old fashioned petunias old fashioned petunia
The white caladiums and begonias really glow at night.
caladium begonia caladium
I noticed some passion flowers (Passiflora incarnata) blooming in the butterfly garden.
passion flower
They are a host plant (food source) for the Gulf fritillary butterfly along with the variegated fritillary and Zebra longwing.  I didn’t see any caterpillars but I did want to show you the fruit it produces.
passion flower fruit
This fruit looks very much like a kiwi and I’ve read that people make jelly from it.  I opened one last year and it was just hollow inside with a lot of seeds.
I was excited to see a monarch butterfly on my Asclepias tuberosa
monarch butterfly
and then shocked to see a praying mantis having it for lunch.
monarch butterfly and praying mantis
I need to direct him to the other flower bed where the grasshoppers have decided vacation.
Hopefully this monarch caterpillar will escape unscathed.
monarch caterpillar
My fennel jungle is usually full of swallowtail caterpillars by now.  I only saw these two yesterday.
swallowtail caterpillar swallowtail caterpillar
Over the years, people have given me garden art and I love using it wherever I can.
frog man
I wish he would pull that dang grass for me
I love when they tell me they saw this or that and thought of me.
Garden Greeter
Garden Greeter
bee happy garden art
Although this one made me wonder…
garden rock face