Chicken Coop Update

My little chicken coop has undergone some change since last year.

chicken coop july '13
last summer
The living roof is filling in nicely
chicken ccop
with a variety of sedums
chicken coop
On the front and side of the coop I planted amsonia hubrechtii (Arkansas blue star), ornamental millet, old-fashioned petunias, celosia, wild bergamot (bee balm)  and sunflowers.
chicken coop
I found an old enamel table top at a flea market and had a very talented artist paint on it.
sunflower painting chicken coop
I love sunflowers and so do bees and they are still busy gathering nectar and pollen for their winter supply.  Sunflowers are a great late summer flower for them.
sunflower chicken coop
The red door is also undergoing a change.  Beth has sketched a sunflower on the door for me to paint so I decided to paint the door a light blue to match the sunflower painting.  I have the outline done but knowing me it might be a month or two (or ten) before I finish.
chicken coop
On the chicken end, the brown speckled Sussex chicks I bought in April are almost as big as the older girls.
chicken, brown speckled sussex 4 wks. old
baby speckled Sussex
As they age, their speckles are becoming more prominent.
speckled Sussex almost 5 mo. old.
I named them Lady Mary, Edith, and Rose and they are almost to the age where they will start laying eggs.
Except this one
Lady Mary is Mr. Lady Mary.  He’s just beginning to crow and becoming protective of his girls so we’ll see how this goes.  He likes to peck at my polka dot boots but I like to think he’s doing this because they are bright and not because he sees me as a threat.
I’m thinking about renaming him Carson.
Any thoughts or new names?