I have a framed saying from years ago when Al started fishing.
It says:  Waiting for the fish takes patience but waiting for the fisherman takes more patience
I’m not refuting that statement because I have fished with this man before.   Casting, reeling, trolling, casting, reeling, trolling.  Hour
lake allen
after hour
after hour
allen lake
Sometimes catching a fish
allen lake
sometimes not.
Talk about patience.
Gardeners must also experience patience.
Patience with weather,
coneflower ratibida pinnata?
and unwanted animals.
But nothing has tried my patience more than a group of trees in my yard.
In 2001, our local conservation office offered pecan tree seedlings for fifty cents each.
They were about one foot tall and I bought five.  They didn’t know the variety but did tell me they were seed grown.
I knew they would take a while to produce pecans.  About eight years the experts said.
Eight years went by and nothing happened.  Nine years.  Ten years.
I had resigned to accept the fact I may never get pecans from these trees.
I began to wonder if they really were pecan trees.
If not, fifty cents was pretty cheap for a shade tree.
So imagine my surprise when Al told me to look in the tree last night.
pecan tree
After thirteen years, it looks like my patience has paid off.
Yes, Blonde Gardener, they do exist.