Summertime Stroll

Last year, I went a little crazy and out of control with all the seeds I grew and (eventually) planted.

greenhouse, plants
Good Lord, what was I thinking
This winter, as I was surrounded by seed and plant catalogs, I gave myself a talking to and vowed not to repeat this behavior again.
Then, we bought the 70’s lake house and spent almost every weekend painting and updating.
upstairs kitchen wallpaper
upstairs kitchen wallpaper
That helped my plant addiction tremendously because I was too stinkin’ tired to even think about gardening.
So, last night, I took Magnum P.I. (the cat) for a garden tour.
My hydrangea are beautiful this year (I think I say that every year)
Hydrangea ‘Annabelle’
I have a several salmon colored impatiens in front of the hydrangea but so far they are just sitting there and not filling in like I told them to do.
The shrubs/small trees behind the hydrangea are spicebush (Lindera benzoin).  I was excited to see the leaves doing this…
spicebush spicebush
because underneath is this!
spicebush caterpillar
Spicebush caterpillar
This little caterpillar will become a Spicebush Swallowtail butterfly and I love seeing these guys flitting about the garden.
The Spigelia (indian pinks) are looking good as well.  This was planted last year from seeds I collected the year before on a trip to New Mexico.
Spigelia marilandica indian pink indian pink Spigelia marilandica
One of my back flower beds has become a home for unwanted hostas.  All of these hostas were rescued from a trash can I raided at the local golf course several years ago.  Can you imagine?  Hostas in trash can!  Who throws away good hostas??   So I planted them in front of a spicebush and since then have intermingled impatiens (salmon colored this year) white begonias and creeping jenny (Lysmachia nummularia)
hosta impatiens spice bush
hosta impatiens begonia creeping jenny impatiens begonia creeping jenny
Magnum got bored and decided to rest amongst the Aristolochia tomentosa (upper right)  and prairie lead plant (Amorpha canescens) (lower left).
aristolochia tomentosa  heart leaf magnum
Neither one of these plants have bloomed for me and I have had them for years.  The Aristolochia (Dutchman’s pipe) is a native plant and a host plant for the pipe vine swallowtail butterfly.  The flower looks like a small pipe although it looks as if I will only get to see this in pictures.
The prairie lead plant is also a native plant.  The flowers are long spires of purple and look very similar to Liatris flowers.  It is a host plant to the Dogface Sulfur butterfly and the flowers also attractive to bees as well.  I’m trying butterflies!
Thankfully, Magnum’s personality blooms every day and provides me with endless entertainment.magnum magnum
Magnum's always a hit with the ladies
Magnum’s always a hit with the ladies
Magnum P.I. undercover of okra leaf
Magnum P.I. undercover of okra leaf
Here’s to slowing down and enjoying the garden!