Spring at Last

Yesterday, I was able to work outside and the sun felt so good!  I was surprised how many  flowers were blooming right in front of me and I’ve been too busy to notice.

One of my all time favorite flowers is Allium ‘Globemaster’.

allium globemaster

To enjoy this flower in the spring, you must plant the bulb in the fall.  They are perennials and ‘Globemaster’ has the largest bloom of the Alliums.

allium globemaster

They also look great with the iris

allium and iris

and dianthus.

allium and dianthus

Speaking of dianthus, I planted this Dianthus barbatus (Sweet William) last year.  No blooms last year (which was expected), but this year has been very good!  I had no idea what colors to expect, but so far I love them all.

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william/ swallowtail

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

Dianthus barbatus / sweet william

The Iris I have were given to me by a lady named Anna.  We were talking about plants that have been in our families for years and these white iris was one of those plants she generously shared with me.  I call them Anna’s iris since she didn’t know the species.  They are a very tall iris and it was placed at the back of the flowerbed.  They really glow at sundown.

white and yellow iris

The pale yellow iris in front was given to me by my aunt.  They were in her yard for at least 35+ years and I hope they will stay in mine twice that long.

My great grandmother’s peonies are very close to blooming.  They pretty much bloom like clock work around Mother’s Day.  Peonies can live a long time and considering they were once my great grandmother’s, I’m guessing they are at least 90 years old.

Can you see the ants on the unopen bloom?  My grandmother always told me that you need ants help the flower bloom.


In reality, the peony secretes a nectar that ants just love!


almost there

Amsonia hubrichtii or Arkansas Bluestar is also blooming.  This shrub is so dependable for me.  Tiny, blue flowers show up in the spring, then will give way to small fern-like leaves and  in the fall those leaves turn bright yellow.  That’s a lot for one shrub to do!

arkansas bluestar amsonia hubrectii

amsonia hubrectii

Salvia ‘Rose Queen’ is already blooming, too.  If you are looking for a plant that blooms all summer, you need to check out the perennial salvias.  I like flowers that like to work all summer for me and then come back year after year.

salvia rose queen

salvia rose queen

The Rue came back!!  I was told it probably wouldn’t so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it.  This is a host plant for the swallowtails so they should be happy, too.


This are pics of  rue last summer.  It was by far a favorite for swallowtail egg laying.

swallowtail on rue swallowtails on rue

And here is something I’m excited about.



Growing peaches in Arkansas is tough.  Usually we get a late freeze when the trees are blooming (which we did).  Al was kind enough to cover our trees with sheets and it looks like it worked.  Good job, Al.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

What have you got  blooming in your garden?





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I'm an Arkansas girl born and raised. I garden in the beautiful Northwest part of the state (zone 6b or 7) surrounded by the Ozark Mountains. My favorite part about the area is we have 4 distinct seasons and are able to enjoy a variety of activities. My main passion is gardening but I also enjoy hiking, birding, 4-wheeling and motorcycle trips. Basically anything outside. Thanks for stopping by! Brenda
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11 Responses to Spring at Last

  1. Buffy says:

    I love your Allium! I love plants that are given to me. I have many of my mom & my Granny’s iris. How is your vegetable garden going?


  2. Peter/Outlaw says:

    This is such a floriferous, busy and vibrant season in the garden. Everything is springing to life. Hooray for your many blooms and especially your peaches! Yum. My favorite things in bloom right now are two Paulownia tomentosas. I can see them from inside the house through all the windows on one side. The grapey purple color is unlike the colors of so many of the other things blooming right now.


  3. Wow, these are beautiful! I am not very knowledgeable about flowers whatsoever, but I have a huge front garden that needs help every year. Some of these look like good candidates. I like a more natural look, things that will spread a bit and come up every year. I have partial sun. Any suggestions from your wonderful collection?


  4. I can’t wait to see these flowers in a few weeks here and caterpillars!! How fabulous….


  5. Mags Corner says:

    Oh, my! What gorgeous plants! Hugs


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