What in the World is a Chicken Tractor

Those were my Dad’s exact words when I told him how I was going to raise my meat chickens.
When I showed him some pictures of different “models”, he said, “Well, I probably have all the stuff to make one.”
“You’re hired!”
And that’s how I roped him into helping me.
First of all, we had to find something to use for the frame.  As we drove by one of the barns, he noticed this metal shipping crate.
chicken tractor2
It was 4 ft. tall, 8 ft. long and VERY heavy.  Too heavy to pull around a pasture. “But not if I cut it half,” he said.
So that’s what he did.
Then he added some old lawnmower wheels to one end so I would be able to pull it easier.  (He didn’t need any help pulling it–he’s just 77!)
chicken tractor3
If you can tell, the side on the left and the top and back had no metal support.  He found some scrap wood to brace those sides and added some leftover chicken wire around all the sides.  The floor of the tractor is completely open as it will sit on the ground.
On half of the tractor (sides, top and back) he screwed on scrap aluminum pieces.  Aluminum reflects heat so this will shield the chickens from the heat of the sun, along with the rain.
Here is the finished product.  He did not have to buy one thing to make it–he even found some unused paint to paint it for me!
chicken tractor
An old screen window was hinged to the top and a handle was added  so I would be able to feed and water without lifting the entire structure.  It also has a small lock to keep it closed (which might need to be reinforced when the time comes.)
chicken tractor
The wheels were also tweaked and made to be adjustable.  A small bar was welded nearby so I would have something to lift it by while adjusting.
chicken tractor
A handle bar was added to the front so I would be able to pull it easier.
chicken tractor
And a “hitch” was added if I ever needed to use a chain to drag it with our ATV.
chicken tractor
And my favorite part of all?
He added a custom license plate!
chicken tractor
I do believe he’s thought of everything!
Good job, Dad!
I owe you a chicken.