Small Town USA–Part One

Do you ever go through a small town and say, “we should stop here sometime.”
That’s exactly what we did on our last motorcycle trip.
Our trip started with breakfast at the only café in our very small town of Hindsville (population 75).  The café is in a 100 yr. old building and was a bustling business until the new highway bypassed the town.  It came to life again when an independent film company wanted to use it for a movie called  Valley Inn (not sure when it will be available for viewing)
valley inn valley inn hindsville
About 40 miles from here is a small town called Alpena.  The main drag consists of a small farmer’s market and various stores containing vintage items. alpena, motorcyclealpena, motorcycle alpena, motorcycle alpena, motorcycle alpena, motorcyclealpena, motorcycle
One of the reasons we stopped was to watch the chainsaw carver work.  This family carves benches, chairs, and statues while you watch.
alpena, motorcycle chainsaw art,  motorcycle, alpena alpena, motorcycle, chainsaw art chainsaw art, alpena, motorcycle chainsaw art,  motorcycle, alpena chainsaw art,  motorcycle, alpenaCan you see the bear’s nose starting to take shape?
90 percent of the carvings are done with a chainsaw and the rest with a dremel.  They do amazing and beautiful work.
chainsaw art,  motorcycle, alpena alpena, motorcycle chainsaw art,  motorcycle, alpena alpena, motorcycle
Our next stop was 50 miles south of Harrison, AR to a town called Leslie.  Once a bustling town of around 10,000 in the early 1900’s, Leslie’s population is now around 500.  When the bank closed and the school was forced to consolidate 10 years ago, the townspeople came together and are working hard to rejuvenate this historic town. leslie, motorcycle
In the old bank building,
leslie, motorcycle Serenity Farm Breads is staying busy making artisan sourdough bread.  The loaves are shaped by hand and then baked in a very large, wood-fired brick oven. .leslie, motorcycle leslie, motorcycle leslie, motorcycle Featured in Southern Living Magazine, Serenity Farm will ship bread to any location in the continental US.  For me, I can find this bread at Ozark Natural Foods in Fayetteville.
I love to support small town efforts.
Leslie is also home to many antique and gift stores leslie, motorcycle
as well as a fun looking music venue.

leslie, motorcycle
Love the name!
leslie, motorcycle
I’m so glad we finally stopped here.