Dogs and Chickens

My current pastime is watching a new series.
I call it Chicken TV.
About a month ago, I started letting the chickens out of the coop in the evening to forage for bugs.  After a couple of nights of this, they began to meet me at the coop door, talking loudly if I was even a smidge late.
I was somewhat concerned that my dog and 3 cats might try to chase, catch, or eat the chickens if I left them unsupervised.
So, I grabbed my lawn chair, my red solo cup, and sat and watched.
In this particular episode, Annie’s short attention span has caused her to leave her favorite toy close to the chicken coop.
Peaches, who is rumored to eat anything, (although she claims it’s a rare, gizzard condition) has determined this toy is worthy of major attention.
In the meantime, Annie returns to see the chickens perilously close to her prized possession.
Nonchalantly, she moves towards the toy, her unyielding eyes never losing sight of Peaches.
annie, chickens
She waits.
annie, chickens
Her unyielding eyes getting heavier
annie, chickens
and heavier.
annie, chickens
Until she finally forgets why she came over here in the first place.
annie, chickens
Next week…
Peaches finds the Duck Dynasty Beard App….stay tuned!