Combinations of Color

As summer winds down, September usually gives me one last burst of color.
The allium stellatum,  coreopsis and zinnias are providing color and much needed nectar for traveling pollinators.
The hydrangeas provide a good background for the four-o-clocks (Mirabilis jalapa)
hydrangea, 4oclocks and celosia
and the chartreuse coleus, ‘chocolate covered cherry’ coleus, white caladium, white impatiens and creeping jenny (Lysimachia nummularia) make the night garden really glow.
creeping jenny, lime coleus, coleus 'chocolate covered cherry', caladium,  white impatiens
I have spiked celosia peppered throughout the garden.

I like the look of the red with the blue aster ‘oblongifolius’,
celosia, aster
but the asters don’t need any help looking good
they are the star of fall
butterfly, aster
monarch and aster
and a very important source of nectar for butterflies.
The old-fashioned petunias are thriving in several beds, filling in those awkward spaces where some flowers have died back during the heat.
petunia, celosia
Even Copacabana Girl, who adorned her head with petunias and flapjack kalanchoe in the spring,
petunia, face pot, container
and added some morning-glory vines for fall fashion.
copacabana girl with morning glory necklace, flowers
My most favorite combination, though, is this sweet baby girl who picked “a berrwe bootifu fwower” for her grandma.
I thought it was the prettiest flower.
hallie, flower
aka the grandma whose heart melts into a big ol’ puddle when this sweet child gardens with me