Armadillo Update: A How-To Guide

I never thought I would be writing a post like this but, here’s how I got the armadillo out of the swimming pool.
The phrase that kept coming to mind was, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 ft. pole.”
But that’s exactly what you need.
It also helps if it has a big net on the end.
Unfortunately, I was by myself and unable to photograph or video this procedure (as I needed all my appendages to be working as a team.)
Fortunately, I had a cooperative armadillo which made this task much easier than I expected.
So, here is my How-To Guide for Removing An Armadillo from your Pool.
If the armadillo is wedged in the skimmer,
use your 10 ft. pole and nudge him until he backs out.
This will force the armadillo to swim (and surprisingly they can swim quite well.)
Using the net end of the pole,  scoop up the armadillo.  Most armadillos are large so bend with your knees not your back to avoid injury.
Slowly raise the net out of the water.
Walk carefully to where you will be releasing the armadillo.  (I chose a downhill slope)
With the opening of the net positioned away from you, lay the net down and run away.
This particular armadillo found its way out quickly and ran down the hill without incident.
Annie guided the armadillo
to an adjacent brush pile (where I hope it packed up its things and moved far, far away)
while Sheldon continued to give us his never-ending look of haughty derision.
Here’s wishing you an armadillo-free day!
aka–Armadillo Whisperer