I keep forgetting to show you pictures of my birthday party!

As I’ve told you, for my 50th birthday , I wanted to do something memorable.

When my sisters asked what I was going to do, I jokingly told them I wanted to do the zipline through the Buffalo National River forest.

Jokingly, because I am terrified of heights.

I mean, I have trouble on ladders.

STEP ladders!

But everyone thought it was a great idea and before I knew it, we had a big group wanting to go.

Buffalo River Canopy Tour, zip line

(I’m sure there was big money wagered on whether I would be able to go through with it)

Before you zip,  everyone must attend Zipping 101

Afton demonstrating Gear demonstration More gearing

Then we were shown how to let go of the ropes while zipping (if you felt inspired to do some tricks)

Gearing up 2nd step

No thank you.

I basically had three goals for this adventure.
1. Keep my eyes open.
2. Don’t faint.
3. Don’t throw up.

Here we are hiking to our first zip.


This was our first zip.  “Short and sweet”, our tour guide said.

The first zip

That doesn’t look too bad, I thought.

Then he made me step down on this itty, bitty board.

brend zipline

I had a little trouble letting go of the tree.

brenda zipline

I love trees.

Especially this one.

breda zip line

Here we goooooo…….


Be thankful there is no audio

I screamed all the way across.

But I made it.  Only 6 more to go.

Can you see my white knuckles?
Can you see how far away the next platform is?
Can you see how far away the ground is?

I am NOT letting go of this rope

Before you leave the platform, you have to yell your name and that you are zipping.  This lets the tour guide know you are coming so he can catch you.

Then you should leave the platform.

Did you see how far away the next platform is?
Did you see how far away the ground is?


Don’t rush me!

This particular zip went pretty fast as we started much taller than when we ended.

I think I kept my eyes open on this one.


And as you can see, I opted out of doing tricks.

You couldn’t pry my hands off of that rope!

Here’s the rest of the gang.

Buffalo River Canopy Tour

My Father-in-law
‘Papa Smurf’

My youngest son going off backwards.
Show off.

Party on the Platform

Bill getting ready to zip

Can you see me?

This is fun, right?


me and my sisters

Strange phenomenon.  I noticed that my arms would automatically wrap around a tree when I landed on each platform.

Brenda holding on, zipline

I really, REALLY love trees

I took the phrase “Tree Hugger” to a whole different level.

My sister tried to scare me into letting go of the tree.

Laurie showing out, zipline

Help me, I’m falling!

No can do sister.  Been nice knowin’ ‘ya!

Buffalo River Canopy Tour, zipline

Buffalo River Canopy Tour

Notice I’m not hugging this tree, but I am touching it.

Buffalo River Canopy Tour, zipline

View from the top, zipline

We are really up in the trees.
(I didn’t take this picture, obviously)
or any of these pictures for that matter

The last zip, we zipped to the ground.

View from last platform

View from the last platform

Buffalo River Canopy Tour

All in all, it was a lot of fun and a great experience.  I’m proud to say all three goals were met on this adventure.  We have plans to return in the fall and try their longer zipping trail (1000 ft. for the first zip!)

I may even let go of the rope.

Or not.

Brenda zipping…..!

About the blonde gardener

I'm an Arkansas girl born and raised. I garden in the beautiful Northwest part of the state (zone 6b or 7) surrounded by the Ozark Mountains. My favorite part about the area is we have 4 distinct seasons and are able to enjoy a variety of activities. My main passion is gardening but I also enjoy hiking, birding, 4-wheeling and motorcycle trips. Basically anything outside. Thanks for stopping by! Brenda
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22 Responses to Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

  1. Janet says:

    Zip on!
    My goal next time it to only have to say Janet zipping one time instead of 3 or 4.


  2. bhoyt10 says:

    You are very brave!


  3. Good job conquering your fears!


  4. Oh you brave young woman!! I do not want to ever do that….


  5. Peter/Outlaw says:

    I’m duly impressed by your bravery! “It really wasn’t as bad as I thought.” I’ve said that about dental work after it’s over but would prefer not to do it again! Glad that you had fun with your family on your special day! Welcome to the over 50 crowd!


  6. The Dancing Rider says:

    Brave and awesome 50th! Looks like a really good time!


  7. Great post about a great birthday adventure. My son Danny has done this but as for me, no thanks. I have a very deep respect for long vertical drops, which is to say, I’m scared of heights.


  8. While I would like to celebrate your birthday, I’m glad I wasn’t there. Those trees on the landing decks didn’t look big enough for both of us…


  9. The Dancing Rider says:

    Btw, when you have a moment, visit my blog entry entitled “Award Time!”. I gave you a reader award, because even though we have really different blogs, though with some similar interests, you stop by and read from time to time! Thank you!


  10. Kevin says:

    This post is so much fun!!! Glad you had a great time and happy, happy birthday!


  11. Stone says he’s been away from the computer for a while and I’m supposed to relay this message: “Tell blonde Brenda that plants that she can’t name aren’t weeds…”


  12. Beth says:

    Way to go! I ziplined for the first (and probably last) time a couple years ago just to prove to myself that I could. It’s awesome having done it, but those little platforms are just WAY too small for me. Stepping off is the worst part, I think. I don’t blame you for sticking close to the trees. That was a great post with all the pictures! Happy belated birthday!


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