My Garden Helper This Weekend

I was so lucky to have some help in the garden this weekend.
Someone to help me check the sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes
and the new bed of squash and corn.
squash, zucchini july corn july corn
Someone to check the railroad tie that separates these beds.
hallie 7/13
Where else could we do our ‘matchsticks stemnasticks’ (Fantastic Gymnastics)
hallie 7/13
Kinda hard to do a graceful dismount around a concrete block, though.
hallie july '13
We also have to check on the chickens.  They have grown so much since April.

She loves to feed them.  By. My. Self.
hallie hallie and chicken
Imagine our surprise when we found this
Our first egg!
Our first egg!
She was so excited (I was, too!)
Pawpaw wanted to cook it, but she would not have it and has kept it close by.
Did you happen to notice her boots?
boots, hallie boots, hallie
She’s my little Mini Me!
grandma and hallie
I love having a girl around!