What's Happening in the Garden?

I have no idea.
We’ve been extremely busy with other events going on in our lives and my garden has been put at the bottom of the list.
My 50th birthday was in March, and my family celebrated with me by doing the zipline on the Buffalo River (more on that later.)
Buffalo River Canopy Tour, zip line
My husband and I celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary a week ago.

Who are those youngsters?
We’ve been enjoying our six-month old grandson and have introduced him to the pool (although he wasn’t too impressed.)
luke 6 mo
Watching my nephew play T-ball has been very enjoyable.
ty t-ball
rounding third
ty t-ball
and when stealing home, one must ALWAYS slide
How many five-year olds does it take to stop a ball?
As many as you can pile on!
They are just too stinkin’ cute.
We are leaving for a much needed vacation very soon.  (6 days, 5 hours, 36 minutes and 27.36987 seconds but who’s counting)  Getting the garden in order should be higher on the list of last minute things to do, but it’s not.  I am going to leave it in the capable hands of our house sitter/chicken sitter/cat sitter/garden sitter Michelle.
We celebrated Father’s Day at my house today.  I’m blessed to have great father figures in my life.
Preston, Mo 1963 sized 4x6 landscape
Mom, Dad and Me
At 76, my Dad is still going strong.  This also would have been he and my mom’s 51st wedding anniversary.  Very bittersweet day.
He is not a huggy, kissy kind of Dad, but he did teach me how to work hard, drive a standard truck at a very young age (so I could help haul hay), and gave me a love for the outdoors that has never gone away.
He also shared one bathroom with three teenage girls so that alone should make him a hero.
My father-in-law has also been like a dad to me.  After we became engaged, he took me by the hand at the local skating rink and skated around with me trying to tell me what I was getting into when I married his son. He has been married to my mother-in-law for almost 52 years and has also been very involved with my boys and their lives.  Another great role model.
He was also my zipline buddy!  He’s also what we lovingly call “a mess”.
zip line
My husband has also been a great role model for my boys.
motorcycle, natural dam
He coached them in baseball from T-ball to Senior Babe Ruth and Kid’s Day football until the sixth grade.  He was involved in every aspect of their lives.  He taught them to work hard and play harder.  How lucky I am to have him as a father for our kids.  I know both boys (now dad’s themselves) have a lot of him in them and they will also be great dads.
I hope everyone had a happy Father’s Day!