There are Good Guys..

and there are Bad Guys in the garden.
These Guys have been spotted on the potatoes.
potato beetle
They are potato beetles
potato beetle
They are the Bad Guys.  They can devour a crop of potatoes very quickly if left unchecked.
These have also been spotted in the garden.
lady bug
They are Lady Bugs.
They are Good Guys.  They devour the Bad Guys (larvae of potato beetles along with aphids, spider mites, and white flies) that attack our gardens.

potatoe bettle larvae
Bad Guys!
potato beetle eggs
Chickens LOVE potato beetles.  Which makes them Super Good Guys (or Gals in this case)in my book.
Good Guys!
Good Guys!
I also have another Good Guy on my side.
Magnum P.I.
Always on the case.
Always on alert
Such an attitude
Such an attitude in fact, that after watching the season finale of Duck Dynasty, he would rather be called Magnum P. Si.
Here’s hoping you have more Good Guys than Bad Guys in you garden!