There's a New Bird in Town

Our little dental office has large windows in each room.  We have 3 bird feeders in the tree that we, along with our patients, enjoy watching.
We have a variety of birds that include finches, chickadees, downy woodpeckers, and cardinals to name a few.
My co-worker spotted an unusual bird at our office today.  It is a little larger than a finch, (it’s related) and has an orange head and underbelly.   Our boss came in and told us he had seen a picture of this bird recently.
red crossbill
Apparently, this particular bird, a Red Crossbill,  is on a wanted poster at the local Country Club.  Someone spotted this avian wonder on the golf course and efforts to locate it again have been futile.
red crossbill red crossbill
Until today.
red crossbill
The Red Crossbill usually hangs out in the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  Migration to this area is rare and the Audubon Society will be coming by tomorrow to document this appearance.
Bird paparazzi!
red crossbill
Welcome to Arkansas Mr. Crossbill!
Have a great day,
p.s. does this sound familiar Jason @ gardeninacity?