Flowers Blooming in February

Fellow blogger Carol, from May Dreams Garden, hosts a Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day on the 15th of every month.  This is the day that bloggers from all over the world post what’s blooming in their garden.  I usually don’t have much to contribute in the winter, but I did discover a couple of blooms yesterday.
First of all, our weather this week has been crazy.
Warm on Tuesday
Snow on Wednesday
snow 2/13 snow 2/13
And back to warm on Thursday
I think that explains the confusion my plants must be going through.
This Phlox subulata usually starts blooming the end of March,
phlox in february
And the daffodils about the same time
daffoil 2/13
Who knows what next week will bring!
Have a great day!
p.s.  35 days until spring!!!