Chicken Coop/ Garden Shed Update

I could not wait to get back from meetings last week to check on the progress of my chicken coop/garden shed.
As I’ve said before, the guy building it only works a few hours a day on it so progress has been pretty slow.
Looks like he got quite a bit done last week!
This is what it looked like when I left
chicken coop
Then this happened while I was gone
chicken coop chicken coop
I wasn’t going to do cedar siding, but he got a good deal so we went with that.  I love it!

chicken coop
Cedar siding
It smells so good.
I even have a small door that opens from the loft.
chicken coop chicken coop
Here’s a peek on the inside
chicken coop
chicken coop side
As you can see, the shed is divided into two rooms.  This is the chicken coop side.  You are looking where the roosts will be.
chicken coop
garden shed side
And this is the garden shed side.  Can you see the opening to the loft?  Can’t wait to see what happens this week!
p.s. 59 days til spring!