The Best Gift for a Toddler

Sometimes Usually when I try to find a gift for my granddaughter, I’m tempted to buy too much.  I tend to forget she has a room full of dolls, stuffed animals, toys and books some barely touched since she got them.
When she comes to my house, we also enjoy the same types of toys and games.  But, I also love that she enjoys being  outside, has a wonderful imagination and she can make just about anything a toy.
First of all, she LOVES rocks.  It’s the first thing we look for.  And, lucky for me, I have thousands.
She finds daddy rocks, mommy rocks, baby rocks and dog and kitty rocks.  One time she found a tiger rock!  It really growled a lot and scared us so we put it back.  All of my rocks can talk, too.  And sing.  The rocks I find usually sing hits from the 70’s but her rocks love to sing their ABC’s.  The great thing about rocks is they can set up housekeeping in the driveway or a bucket.  In the grass or on the porch.  Sometimes they come in the house and live in the dollhouse.  So many possibilities!
Most recently she found my patch of bronze fennel.
Let's try this again
Typically this comes up in spring.  And it did. Then the grasshoppers came and ate every bit and left me with nothing but stems.  I usually leave the stems all winter just to “add interest” to my garden.  I think this term came from gardener’s like me who have too much to do and can’t get out to tidy up the place.  It does, however, provide perches for the birds and height to the garden and now something to play with!
Fennel stems make great swords.
Hallie 11/12
Or paint brushes

Hallie 11/12
Mud really brightens up the place
Or a musical instrument
Fennel flute (it also plays 70’s music)
Then we found our shadow!  It does everything I do!  Watch Gehmaw!
Hallie IMG_0017 IMG_0020
Imagination.   What a wonderful gift.
If a child has an imagination, they will have toys for a lifetime!