Growing a Family

I’ve grown a lot of things in my lifetime, but the most important thing I’ve grown is a family.  I’m not sure when it happened but all of a sudden my boys are grown up and having kids of their own.   Now that I’m a grandma, I am enjoying a  whole new role in the family circle.

My thoughts exactly

I’m very lucky to have my family and my husband’s family close by and we get together quite often for “parties”.  Party is a code word for “let’s eat some really good food”.  We can’t seem to get together without it.  We are usually celebrating someone’s birthday with their favorite meal (usually my late mom’s fried chicken).  We joke about how wild our parties are because they can sometimes last until 7 p.m. (8 if we are really jazzed up on Diet Coke).  My husband suggested once that we just get together and visit.  I want you to know I personally saved him from being beaten with a chicken leg that night.

One party we had had a different twist, though.  My oldest son and his wife are expecting a baby and an ultrasound was done to determine the gender.  Instead of finding out at their doctor’s appointment, they opted to wait and have everyone find out together at a Gender Reveal party.  I had never heard of such a thing before, but we are always up for new reasons to have a party and I had a great punch recipe I wanted to make.

Party Room!

First, we played a game using old wives tales to tell us the gender.

old wives tales game board

The old wives tales says they are having a girl…

Then everyone had to pick either a mustache or bow and put their pink or blue lei on

mustache or bow?

Daddy thinks it’s a boy

Everyone guesses what it will be

Looks like the general consensus is a boy.

Then of course there is food.

party food!

The most important part of the party was the cake. Yes, cake is good at any party, but this particular cake holds the answer we’ve all been waiting for.

The answer is inside!

So…what are they having????



Will it be Luke or Lucy???



It’s a boy!

We are so excited to have Luke join our family in the next few weeks.   He is technically due around Christmas, but doctors (and Mama) are thinking he might make an appearance sooner.  Either way, he will be coming into this world already loved more than I can say.

About the blonde gardener

I'm an Arkansas girl born and raised. I garden in the beautiful Northwest part of the state (zone 6b or 7) surrounded by the Ozark Mountains. My favorite part about the area is we have 4 distinct seasons and are able to enjoy a variety of activities. My main passion is gardening but I also enjoy hiking, birding, 4-wheeling and motorcycle trips. Basically anything outside. Thanks for stopping by! Brenda
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5 Responses to Growing a Family

  1. Congrats all around! And yes, having grandkids is the best thing in the world.


  2. Barbara says:

    Congratulations to you and all your family!! What a great post! And I completely love the new party idea. No great excuse for a party should go un-celebrated. 🙂


  3. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Congratulations to you and your beautiful family! Have fun spoiling your new little one!


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