What’s blooming in November?

Here it is the 15th of November and, although we have had a few frosts, my old-fashioned petunias are still going strong.

Old fashioned petunia

These flowers were started from seed that I saved from last year.  They tend to get a bit leggy so cutting them back a couple of times a season is a good idea.  I grow these in a variety of beds.  Some in full sun and others get afternoon shade.  They are not a picky and that’s one of the reasons I love them.

The other plant I have blooming right now is Gaura.

Gaura ‘Whirling Butterflies’

Gaura is a small shrub native to Arkansas.  The flowers are small but they cover this shrub from front to back.

Gaura flower

The flowers are on a wiry stem and when the wind blows the flowers look like they are twirling.  Gaura gets about 3 foot tall and 2-3 foot wide and has bloomed all summer and now fall!

About the blonde gardener

I'm an Arkansas girl born and raised. I garden in the beautiful Northwest part of the state (zone 6b or 7) surrounded by the Ozark Mountains. My favorite part about the area is we have 4 distinct seasons and are able to enjoy a variety of activities. My main passion is gardening but I also enjoy hiking, birding, 4-wheeling and motorcycle trips. Basically anything outside. Thanks for stopping by! Brenda
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15 Responses to What’s blooming in November?

  1. Peter/Outlaw says:

    Happy GBBD! Your petunias and gaura still look smashing!


  2. Hoov says:

    Petunias–amazing! They look great even though this is November. Happy GBBD!


  3. Hoov says:

    Petunias–fabulous in November. 🙂 Happy GBBD!


  4. Scott Weber says:

    I love those old-fashioned Petunias…the totally remind me of my Grandma!


  5. julieadolf says:

    What a nice splash of color your petunias provide! I have a tiny bit of gaura still blooming that hid from the frost. I love those little “whirling butterflies.” Happy GBBD to you!


  6. gardenbug says:

    Gaura is a delight! It is usually an annual in my garden here in Ontario, but I am seldom without it because of the beauty of its motion in the wind.


  7. I think I might have gaura in pink.. it actually wintered over from last year (we had a very mild winter).. I didn’t know what it was called, thanks!


  8. Patrick says:

    Being old fashioned petunias, do they smell sweet? Whirling Butterflies is a smashing new name and guara and would look great at that finished size.


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